The Convenience Of Modern Technology For Pharmacy Patients

Thanks to some of the rises in digital innovation for medical and pharmacy technologies, it is becoming easier and more effective than ever for pharmacies for manage their practices. Thanks to things like interactive phone services for pharmacies, they can reduce the amount of time they spend on the phone letting patients know their prescriptions are ready.

Did you know these technologies could make things not only more convenient for your pharmacy staff, but also for the patients who regularly use your pharmacy, as well?

How Tech is Reshaping How Customers Interact With the Pharmacy

These days, you will find it rare for a pharmacist to pick up the phone personally and call up a list of patients to let them know their prescriptions are ready. In modern times, pharmacists can use an interactive phone system which will automatically call patients the moment their prescription is ready to be picked up.

Typically, it is a short phone call that lets a patient know their prescription has been filled and is ready for pickup. Sometimes, it may offer an option for the patient to press a button to talk to the pharmacist about their medicine. This provides a way to let the patient know their medicine is ready without having to involve the pharmacist, but the patient can choose to open that line of communication if they feel it necessary.

e prescribing software

Patients can also opt to receive text message alerts right to their cell phones from pharmacies that use this software if they’d like. This way, as soon as a prescription has been filled and is ready to be picked up, a text message will alert the patient, who can then make the choice to call the pharmacy with further questions or go ahead and pick up their prescription at their convenience.

These are just a few benefits your pharmacy can reap if you use e prescribing software and other digital tools to get your work done. Not only can it make life easier for you and your staff, but it can be a big time-saver for your patients, too.